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Oh Yes, Morales! And Israel Calls Gaza A Hostile Entity!

I never thought I’d hear such a staunch Friend of Israel talk like this: UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza - Link for video but did he say Nazis? Check this out. And as usual, in the same debate, I think, old GGG just about hits the nail on the head, when he said:

"We Are The Authors Of This Tragedy"

George Galloway's powerful speech in the House of Commons debate on Gaza, Thu 15 Jan 2009 (5.30pm), highlighting the hypocrisy and brazen double-standards of Western foreign policy towards Israel policies, including assassinations and other war crimes.

Talking of Britain and the Balfour Declaration, the longest serving Labour MP of the 20th Century, Tony Benn (God Bless) went a step further at this weekend’s demo in London:

In London's Trafalgar Square, former cabinet minister Tony Benn told the crowd the Royal Navy should be used to break the blockade of Gaza and warships should accompany ships carrying food and medicine to the territory. He also called on the UK Government to withdraw its ambassador from Israel.

It was great to hear that:

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced yesterday that he was severing diplomatic ties with Israel and will ask the ICC to bring genocide charges against top Israeli officials. Morales called for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his cabinet to face criminal charges. Meanwhile, nine Israeli human rights groups warned on Wednesday that Israel is violating international law in Gaza.

So, how does one tie all that in with ‘Israel declaring Gaza a hostile entity?’ Déjà vu or something, we’ve been here before and then I recalled a little blog piece from some time back. If you do take the time to browse through this little lot, just think of the last three weeks, the carnage, the devastation, the grotesque pictures and horror movies that Israel (with our blessing) has given to the world – and that this was only 14 months ago but it seems like a bed of roses now…

Note: This was written or put together in November 2007 but scroll down for the topics – a developing humanitarian crisis in Gaza – Andrew Love MP’s EDM and his grave concern regards Israel declaring Gaza a hostile entity - UN rights expert compares Israeli occupation violations to apartheid - UN rights official condemns Israeli Gaza strikes as "war crimes" – Eva Morales & A Formal Summons to World States by Indigenous First Nations and Peoples [Do checkout No.12, a great idea!] – The added link to MY ENTRY for the FT’s 750 word, ‘What I Would Change’ essay competition - Palestine Should Sue Israel for Genocide before the International Court of Justice by Francis A. Boyle - All this and more: REMEMBER BALFOUR! WHAT FOR?

Links from top down:
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