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British PM to host talks with Hamas!

Hold on, have I spelt that right? You know there was a time when I used to watch the BBC or Channel 4 and think I was watching the news, nowadays I’m reading the Jordan Times but hey! I’ve had me one of those ‘mad’ ideas and seeing how I just got me one of those webcam things & seeing how also that you don’t seem to be able to email Mr Brown (Zionist) anymore, you can actually send a message (see bottom left of the Ask PM screen) without sending him a video from here, so I say; let’s bombard his new site with a few ideas but plz hurry, these lot want to get back before the new airport security apparatus is set-up:



NEW: The Prime Minister has launched a regular initiative, 'Ask the PM', where he will be responding to the most popular questions submitted by the YouTube community. Submit videos on this channel by clicking the gadget to the right.



British PM to host talks with Israeli, Palestinian leaders

LONDON (AFP) - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will host talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in London later this month to discuss the peace process, he told lawmakers on Wednesday.

There was no immediate word on who the talks would involve or exactly when they would be held.

"We are bringing Israeli and Palestinian leaders to London later in December to help to establish how best we can use 2009 to make real progress towards political and economic solutions in the region," he told lawmakers.

The meetings with the two parties will be held separately, officials said. Brown's Downing Street office declined to give any details of the meetings. The Foreign Office did not immediately have more information.

Suggestive Ideas:

Keep Israel out of European Community programmes, Enact International Law, Revoke Israel’s UN membership , Go on, Talk to Hamas
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