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Gaza: The Aftermath & The UK's DIME Bomb Connection

Exceprts from Channels 4's Newswire but check this, I only just noticed the More4 bit & it not good:


I've been digging around at the US air base at Lakenheath in Suffolk. Could be a key connection between the vast base and the war in Gaza. In particular, the use of controversial DIME munitions said to be used in Gaza, causing wounds to the human body the like of which doctors have not seen before. All the documentation points to Lakenheath as the key point of US-Israeli contact – we know the Israelis bought 1,000 bombs of the type that could be DIME just as they were preparing for Gaza in the autumn.

As ever, no accountability. Nobody knows what the full Gaza-Lakenheath connection is – not even our government. Even banned cluster bombs could well still be there on base because the US and Israel have not agreed to ban them.

More one-way traffic in the "special" relationship?

Were some of the weapons used in Gaza shipped to Israel from the Lakenheath US Air force base? More4 News investigates. We know that was the case with the cluster bombs used in Lebanon in 2006 and it's something the British government has no control over.
http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/politics/international_politi... or http://tinyurl.com/d8astx

We are in Gaza again tonight amid developing evidence that Israeli forces may have used phosphorous bombs and DIME bombs (Dense Inert Metal Explosives - a form of micro shrapnel) which ended up killing and burning civilians.

Jonathan Miller is on the ground and has seen what may have been the effects of these munitions on the skin and has been examining the evidence still lying around on the ground. Each day that western correspondents penetrate deeper into Gaza, new evidence of the scale of the bombardment and its intensity emerges.

It’s worth mentioning that a Dispatches programme, upon which I am the reporter, airs tonight, looking at what effect to people’s understanding of the war in Gaza, the Israeli blockade barring journalists from entering the territory had (Channel 4, 11pm).



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