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Is There Anything We Can Do For Gaza?

OK Pps, this is now the front page of:

End the siege on Gaza now....معا لأجل فك الحصار عن غزة

If you’d like to advertise your/another event or Action Alert plz send me email or message & plz spread far & wide but


US, thnx YCW


Stop the Zionist Slaughter!

Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: Israeli Embassy
Street: High Street Kensington
City/Town: London, United Kingdom

Urgent action: Stop the massacre in Gaza!

Day of action for Gaza across the UK Saturday 17 January. Demonstrations in central London and Birmingham. [More info:-

London Live:


Vigil for Gaza

A non-stop vigil opposite the UK Parliament to call for an immediate end to Israel's military assault on Gaza and an end to the blockade and siege on Gaza.
Supported by the PSC.
Join the vigil in Parliament Square, London.

Send B Obama some ideas:

Write a Complaint to President of UNGA

Urgent action by the UN General Assembly is warranted and possible. Israeli impunity must be ended by the collective action of the world community - Plz sign & Endorse - In Arabic/Eng & French


Please support Mairead Maguire's call to the leaders of UN - to bring Israel to justice over it War Crimes in Gaza. Sample letter & emails: http://tinyurl.com/7somg7
thnx, al-Khansa

Email Gordon Brown via Christian Aid

Call on Gordon Brown to push for the European Union to suspend its talks with Israel on upgrading relations until the UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire and full humanitarian access in Gaza is implemented to the full. [A nice little message, easy to personalise:- http://tinyurl.com/9umyxz

Tony Benn Calls For Expulsion of Israeli Ambassador to UK

UK All Party MP Friends of Palestine
contact email addresses.
[Plz, get on & join him:- http://tinyurl.com/8hvuvj

cpdweb.org — Campaign for Peace and Democracy sign-on statement. massive military attacks on Gaza, Israel has again engaged in actions contrary to morality, international law, the cause of peace, and to the long-term best interests of the people of Israel. And, once again, the United States government has been the enabler of Israeli actions: [To sign:-

CALL THE IOF - Keep Them Occupied!

The Israeli army has spread flyers in the air in Gaza that give a number for Palestinians to call to report on Hamas activities.

Here is the number. Everyone is invited to call it to protest the war on Gaza instead.


From the U.S. you dial:


YOU CAN ALSO SKYPE IT (+972-2-5839749) !!! I just did it and told him that the IOF are killing children and innocents and that there is only a political solution to the conflict !

EMAIL THE IOF - helpgaza2008@gmail.com
Tell them you know where the terrorists are hiding.........
And send them a map of Tel Aviv - Here:
http://tinyurl.com/7r3gvk Thnx al-Kansa


Excellent list of Israeli goods to boycott at

Thinking of Boycotting Rogue State Israel?

a link to the British "Boycott Israel" Web site and a list of companies involved with Israel & More.
STOP funding Israel..... http://tinyurl.com/8l3xks

(updated regular)
Avaaz- http://www.avaaz.org/en/gaza_time_for_peace/

US: Bush and Congress- http://www.iacenter.org/gazapetition/

Donate to Palestine Humanitarian Crisis:
*Palestine Red Crescent Society - http://www.palestinercs.org/
*Interpal http://www.interpal.info/ UK especially.
*Muslim Aid- http://www.muslimaid.org/
*UNRWA- http://www.un.org/unrwa/
*Islamic Relief: http://www.islamic-relief.com/Emergencies-And-Appeals/emergency.aspx?emID=47 (have specific Gaza fund)

Just Giving to Gaza:

How can you help?

Medical Aid Palestine has launched an Emergency Appeal for Gaza: our aid workers on the ground desperately need additional funds for emergency burns, surgical and medical kits.

MAP has 25 years experience of working in the region and has distributed over $100,000 worth of emergency medical supplies since 27th December. With funds, we can get supplies through to the people that need them. Please give whatever you can today. All donations will be used to provide desperately needed and life-saving medicines and medical equipment for the people of Gaza.

In this critical time, it is essential that our appeal is seen by as many people as possible. Please help the people of Gaza by forwarding this email to as many people as possible.

Online: http://www.map-uk.org t: 0207 226 4114
Text: GAZA to 07900 848 024
Andrea Becker m: 07795 165 052
Thank you.


Now with breaking news via Al Jazeera:

GAZA UNDER FIRE: go directly to one of these links and watch the live coverage:


25 Things You Can Do For Gaza

Twenty-five things to do to bring peace with justice:

1) First get the facts and then disseminate them. Here are some basic background information

The true story behind this war http://www.mepeace.org/forum/topics/the-true-story-behind-this-war

If Gaza Falls http://www.unitedforpeace.org/downloads/If%20Gaza%20falls.pdf

Gaza massacres must spur us to action http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article10055.shtml

2) Contact local media. Write letters to editors (usually 100-150 words) and longer op-eds (usually 600-800 words) for local newspapers. But also write to news departments in both print, audio, and visual media about their coverage. In the US http://www.congress.org/congressorg/dbq/media/ You can find media listings in your country using search engines like google

3) Contact elected and other political leaders in your country to urge them to apply pressure to end the attacks. In the US, Contact the State Department at 202.647.5291, the White House 202-456-1111 the Egyptian Embassy 202.895.5400, Email (embassy@egyptembassy.net) and the Obama Transition Team 202-540-3000 (then press 2 to speak with a staff member).

4) Organize and join demonstrations in front of Israeli and Egyptian embassies or when not doable in front of your parliament, office of elected officials, and any other visible place (and do media work for it).

5) Hold a teach-in, seminar, public dialogue, documentary film viewing etc. this is straightforward: you need to decide venue, nature, if any speakers, and do some publicity (the internet helps).

6) Pass out fliers with facts and figures about Palestine and Gaza in your community (make sure also to mention its relevance to the audience: e.g, US taxpayers paying for the carnage, increase in world instability and economic uncertainty)

7) Put a Palestinian flag at your window.

8) Wear a Palestinian head scarf (Koufiya)

9) Wear Black arm bands (this helps start conversations with people)

10) Send direct aid to Gaza through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). http://www.un.org/unrwa/

11) Initiate boycotts, divestments and sanctions at all levels and including asking leaders to expel the Israeli ambassadors (an ambassador of an apartheid and rogue state). See Palestinian call http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article10056.shtml

12) Work towards bringing Israeli leaders before war crime courts (actions along those lines in courts have stopped Israeli leaders from traveling abroad to some countries like Britain where they may face charges)

13) Calling upon all Israelis to demonstrate in front of their war ministry and to more directly challenge their government

14) Do outreach: to neighbors and friends directly. Via Internet to a lot of others (you can join and post information to various listservs/groups).

15) Start your own activist group or join other local groups (simple search in your city with the word Palestine could identify candidate groups that have previously worked on issues of Palestine). Many have also been successful in at bringing coalitions from different constituencies in their local areas to work together (human rights group, social and civil activists, religious activists, etc).

16) Develop a campaign of sit-ins at government offices or other places where decision makers aggregate

17) Do a group fast for peace one day and hold it in a public place

18) Visit Palestine (e.g. with http://www.sirajcenter.org)

19) Support human rights and other groups working on the ground in Palestine

20) Make large signs and display them at street corners and where ever people congregate.

21) Contact local churches, mosques, synagogues, and other houses of worship and ask them to take a moral stand and act. Call on your mosque to dedicate this Friday for Gaza actions.

22) Sign petitions for Gaza, e.g. http://www.avaaz.org/en/gaza_time_for_peace/98.php?cl_tf_sign=1 or one or some or all of Petitions 4 Palestine

23) Write and call people in Gaza, they need to hear from the outside world

24) Work with other groups that do not share your political views (factionalism and excessive divisions within activist communities allowed those who advocate war to succeed).

25) Dedicate a certain time for activism for peace every day (1 hour) and think of more actions than what are listed above.

I'dd add, 26) urge your local radio talk shows and news editors to call any of us here in Palestine to report live what is happening on the ground.

For support and contacts of people in Gaza or to volunteer, please contact the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People, via gaza@imemc.org, or call +1-989-607-9480 (from the US and Canada) or +972-2-277-2018 (from other places).

Sun 28th Outside The Israeli Embassy & Action Alerts

While I was away Sunday morning to Monday night – the death toll climbed from 271 to 345…

Well, I couldn’t not go (just sorry I couldn’t make the second day as well), sitting here, counting the dead, wiping tears from my face, day in, day out – as soon as I heard, I was on the British Rail Timetable site and off to my Mothers, begging to borrow her new camera.

Can’t help but feel though, Israel threatens, Israel acts – why do we have to wait until after the event before we don our boots? Shouldn’t we be acting on the threats?

2pm and on arrival, the road was operable:


Oh, a familiar face. Trust Big Benn to turnout;

Sun28thEmbassy007-1.jpg picture by Silvbird

& stick his oar in:

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


But it wasn’t long before the gloves (or should I say ‘shoes’?) were off – this thing was spreading out:


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

And the people occupy the street:


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Spent all day trying to get a picture of an unfurled flag – on this occasion I managed to capture a quality wristband (bottom left).


 Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Think I’ll call this one; RES.194

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


Even the buses wanted to protest Israeli crimes.

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


It’s the beginning of the end for any buses coming through:


Yep! Some had to turn around before they cordoned the road off.

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


I just love those home made jobbies:


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Did you hear that, Israel?

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


Kids: it’s just what Xmas is all about – cheers Israel!

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


And a cry to the future generations:

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Well, looks as though Israel is not letting up (back to top), nor must we. When’s the next one?

Details of Upcoming Demos in UK


Did a sort of Best Of Slideshow


Full set from Sunday Photobucket: http://tinyurl.com/9t79y9