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British PM to host talks with Hamas!

Hold on, have I spelt that right? You know there was a time when I used to watch the BBC or Channel 4 and think I was watching the news, nowadays I’m reading the Jordan Times but hey! I’ve had me one of those ‘mad’ ideas and seeing how I just got me one of those webcam things & seeing how also that you don’t seem to be able to email Mr Brown (Zionist) anymore, you can actually send a message (see bottom left of the Ask PM screen) without sending him a video from here, so I say; let’s bombard his new site with a few ideas but plz hurry, these lot want to get back before the new airport security apparatus is set-up:



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British PM to host talks with Israeli, Palestinian leaders

LONDON (AFP) - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will host talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in London later this month to discuss the peace process, he told lawmakers on Wednesday.

There was no immediate word on who the talks would involve or exactly when they would be held.

"We are bringing Israeli and Palestinian leaders to London later in December to help to establish how best we can use 2009 to make real progress towards political and economic solutions in the region," he told lawmakers.

The meetings with the two parties will be held separately, officials said. Brown's Downing Street office declined to give any details of the meetings. The Foreign Office did not immediately have more information. http://www.jordantimes.com/index.php?news=12582

Suggestive Ideas:

Keep Israel out of European Community programmes, Enact International Law, Revoke Israel’s UN membership , Go on, Talk to Hamas

Urgent Action Required Against Upgrading Israel's Status Within EU

Sorry if this seems a bit of a rush job - that's because it is but it is urgent as the Israeli FM is coming over on Tuesday to convince our MEP's to vote for upgrading Israel's status within the EU on

There are plans in Jerusalem for the biggest demolition of Palestinian houses since 1967 (link below) going through at present - if anyone should need anymore convincing that really the EU should be downgrading its relationship with Israel, not upgrading. And in all seriousness, if there should be any communication between our MEP's and Israel - it should be for calls to end the inhumane siege on

Please act NOW and forward it around you

Against the ratification of Upgrading  Israel - European Parliament - 4th December

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 15:08:09 +0100

Urgent Action alert!

Dear Friends, Please find here under an appeal from Leila Shahid, General delegate of Palestine toward the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg!

We must react urgently toward our European parliamentarians in order to block the ratification of the text which must be voted on Thursday 4th December!! During the last ECCP lobby days, all European interlocutors say that the upgrading will never be ratified in 2008 – they will wait for the Czech Republic presidency, beginning
of 2009…

Things seem to have changed in order to support Tsipi Livni (instead of Netanyahu) Europe wants to sign the upgrading before the end of the year… (As they did for Ehud Barak in the past!!!). As we are in a "pre-electoral" period, civil society must be heard… so please react urgently and massively toward you parliamentarians….and forward to your members and contacts… Best regards, Nadia


In its meeting on November 5 in Brussels, the Committee on Foreign
Affairs and Security of the European Parliament endorsed the
European Commission and Council proposal about Israel participation
in the European Community programs. This new protocol of cooperation
offers to Israel a full access to the EU scientific, academic,
research and technical programmes.

For its entry into force, the agreement must have the backing of
European Parliament (EP). It will be submitted to a vote at the
plenary meeting on Thursday, December 4 in Brussels. The Israeli
Foreign Minister will visit the European Parliament on Tuesday,
December 2 to put pressure on MEPs to vote in favour of this

This new cooperation protocol between the EU and Israel intervenes
while on the ground, Israel is accelerating settlement
construction, reinforces the closure of Palestinian territories,
especially in the Gaza Strip, and practices many forms of violation
of human rights.

I call on you to work for the mobilization of all non-governmental
organizations in your country, to intervene with the EP in order not
to grant this privilege to Israel before it implements the
principles of peace.

Here is a link where you can find all the information needed to contact your MEPs.


Leïla Shahid

European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine - ECCP Tel: +32 (0)2 217 59 95Mobile: +32 (0)4 73 35 65 62 Fax: +32 (0)2 250 12 63

A little background material:

If anyone should need a reason for resisting this upgrade, it is quite well established that the biggest bar to any peace agreement in the region is the Israeli settlement expansion - well here's the latest on that:

Israel prepares for demolishing whole neighbourhood in Jerusalem

[ 29/11/2008 - 04:04 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Islamic-Christian front for the
defense of Jerusalem warned that a group of Zionist settlement
enterprises especially the Israeli municipality had earmarked more
than $300,000,000 for the demolition of a whole neighborhood in the
Silwan town called Al-Bustan located southeastern of Jerusalem's old
city. - -

He appealed in this regard to the international community and the
legal and human rights organizations to assume their role in
protecting the holy city and its identity from the Israeli attempts
to judaize it and counterfeit the demographic, cultural and
religious facts in the city.

More than 88 houses in Al-Bustan will be demolished, these houses
are home to more than 1,500 Palestinian residents a large percentage
of them are children. If this demolition were carried out, it would
be the largest demolition act after the demolition of Al-Maghareba
neighborhood inside the old city in 1967. The house owners in Al-
Bustan received court orders demanding them to evacuate their
houses. http://tinyurl.com/6gfcwm