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From Gaza to London: In Pictures From Life’s Other Side

Before, I wrote a diary called "from Gaza To Rome"

Today, I write "from Gaza To London"

As a survivor of the Israeli war on Gaza, I would be the first speaker to embark on a comprehensive tour of the UK. I will be speaking in parliament, touring colleges and universities, PSC branch meetings and other events to bring more awareness about Palestine and the last war launched against Gaza. I just got to Cairo and I'm flying to London within hours. Just, in the car, I started to make my first simple and humble report. However, I was so tired from the long hours of travel - I attempted in the below works to get you updated of the situation within the Gaza Strip. I'm completing more reports and photo-stories from Gaza and I will be releasing them so soon!

The latest Israeli onslaught has left massive damage and affected nearly all aspects of life. I have written many stories but have not had the time to publish them due to dedicating my efforts to the launching of the first Palestinian Electronic Newspaper (The Palestinian Telegraph – first edition out any day soon). A newspaper that would be very comprehensive and informative, dealing with Palestine, the Middle-East and world news. However, I was documenting the aftermath step by step - I toured in most of the devastated areas where I have seen massive insane damage and smelled death coming out of the rubble. I have heard many sad accounts of killing and slow death. I became introverted for some days and I lost the ability to write. I'm trying to gather all my energy to get the words out. In the meantime, I would like to let you live Gaza through my photos!

1- Gazan Children: Moments of Ecstasy out of War Rubble.

I spent a few special moments along with my friend Janet taking photos of young children in Juhr El Dik in middle of Gaza. The area was totally damaged. More than 150 houses partially and totally ruined. Many people were killed. Children there don't have any of the basics of life and thus nothing called fun or joy could be recognized there. It's only death and the fear of more in attendance. [more pics-

2- Rain and Snow Make Matters Worse After the Israeli Blitz.

For the first time ever Gaza saw snow. A nice white layer covered most of the streets. For a moment, destruction and devastation hid behind that nice white dress. Quickly, the snow melted and the rubble appeared again. [more pics-
[Hey man, this is England, get used to it!]

3- Central Gaza Strip Devastated: Many Children Displaced.

The area witnessed heavy Israeli attacks during the three-week invasion. There is an account for the Abu Hajaj family where more than 30 members were kept in one house, which even had no bathroom. Thus, they had no choice but to relieve nature in the same room they were kept in. Additionally, two women were killed. For long hours the Red Cross and paramedics tried to rescue them but the soldiers said no until they died. [more pics-

4- A Journey of Torture: Trying to Leave the Gaza Jail

After the massacre, I managed to secure a UK visa to speak in parliament and tour Britain, hopefully to include Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Yet I was trapped and refused exit more than once to leave Gaza. I suffered a lot, as did thousands of other people who tried to cross. For three days I tried but I failed. It was nice to have my camera with me. We stayed in the buses for more than 12 hours at a time! You are invited to live the suffering here. [more pics-

All being well, Sameh will be in the UK by Friday & can be contacted:

Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.

Photojournalist & Peace Activist
Humanitarian, Child Relief Worker
Gaza Strip, Palestine
Mob: 00972599306096
Tel: 0097282802825
E-mail: Sam_hab@hotmail.com

Skype: Gazatoday, Facebook: Sameh A. habeeb

Web: http://www.gazatoday.blogspot.com
Daily Photos:http://picasaweb.google.com/sameh.habeeb

Though none too sure yet of his mobile number once here – I should have some idea of his whereabouts & availability if anyone knows of any bookings for him.
Andrew 07526128657 , ajsilvera@yahoo.co.uk


A Happy New Year From Gaza

H’mm, these are the words of my friend Ahmed Pal from Gaza who last week was 20 days from graduation when his university was bombed. Ahmed and I became friends around October 2007 when he set-up the facebook group End the siege on Gaza now....معا لأجل فك الحصار عن غزة which seems to have doubled its membership this last week to 33,000. Here he is now wishing you a Happy New Year:


Day 5: 20 Days to Graduate


It's a simple legal dream to graduate and to start my way in life, i was supposed to graduate in 20 days. Maybe i was worried about finding a job, regarding the siege here in Gaza and how hard is to find one.
But now it would be silly if i think further than staying safe with my family, 2 nights ago they bombed my university the IUG, i watched my future, my hard work burning infront of me. Whatever the reason they say, it doesn't matter, the real reason is the same, to kill - to destroy and to leave pain.

We have realized a long time ago, that being a Palestinian and living in Gaza Strip, is something different, we have to stand the hard situations and keep going, i have big faith we will rebuild the IUG again and I’ll graduate, maybe not soon, but it's my ambition and Israel cant stop that, neither by war nor by threatening.



New year...New bombs



At this moment while I am writing this note, news from all Gaza strip telling that Israel bombing everywhere, using ground, air and sea...

Last night people all over the world celebrated the new year 2009, here we were sitting in the dark, trying to avoid the windows, holding our radios trying to catch news about where these bombs land… this massacre doesn't seem to have an end soon and its just getting worse, we are supposed now to send messages to friends and relatives wishing them happy new year… But instead we call, asking how their night was and if anyone got hurt!!!

But still I really wish this year can bring us peace and the siege will be over, and happy new year for everyone. 



Quality little video - A New Year Cry for Gaza


25 Things You Can Do For Gaza


Personally, I feel it is very much a case of:


Sun 28th Outside The Israeli Embassy & Action Alerts

While I was away Sunday morning to Monday night – the death toll climbed from 271 to 345…

Well, I couldn’t not go (just sorry I couldn’t make the second day as well), sitting here, counting the dead, wiping tears from my face, day in, day out – as soon as I heard, I was on the British Rail Timetable site and off to my Mothers, begging to borrow her new camera.

Can’t help but feel though, Israel threatens, Israel acts – why do we have to wait until after the event before we don our boots? Shouldn’t we be acting on the threats?

2pm and on arrival, the road was operable:


Oh, a familiar face. Trust Big Benn to turnout;

Sun28thEmbassy007-1.jpg picture by Silvbird

& stick his oar in:

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


But it wasn’t long before the gloves (or should I say ‘shoes’?) were off – this thing was spreading out:


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

And the people occupy the street:


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Spent all day trying to get a picture of an unfurled flag – on this occasion I managed to capture a quality wristband (bottom left).


 Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Think I’ll call this one; RES.194

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


Even the buses wanted to protest Israeli crimes.

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


It’s the beginning of the end for any buses coming through:


Yep! Some had to turn around before they cordoned the road off.

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


I just love those home made jobbies:


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Did you hear that, Israel?

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


Kids: it’s just what Xmas is all about – cheers Israel!

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


And a cry to the future generations:

Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.


Sun28thEmbassy 105.jpg by you.

Well, looks as though Israel is not letting up (back to top), nor must we. When’s the next one?

Details of Upcoming Demos in UK


Did a sort of Best Of Slideshow


Full set from Sunday Photobucket: http://tinyurl.com/9t79y9